Entry requirements

The English-Russian Kid’s Centre “Ot A do Ya” (ERC) accepts children from two to seven years of age.

You may register for ERC preliminarily on the phone 971-22-33 or you may download and fill in the application in our website, which you can take during first visit our kindergartens.

To enter our Kid’s Centre, you must:

1. Call and make an appointment with the director or deputy director of ERC
2. Register for an interview with a speech therapist and psychologist
3. Fill in the form
4. Conclude an agreement for provision of educational services
5. If the child comes to ERC from another preschool institution, you must provide a reference certificate about the absence of quarantine
6. Immediately before the child’s coming to the centre, you must bring a certificate from a paediatrician confirming that the child is healthy, the result of enterobiasis test and helminth eggs test.

Dear parents, we recommend that you come to ERC on a preliminary visit with the child. This will let the child meet the new environment without strain, see our educators, teachers, our pupils, thereby get disposed positively. The conversation with the psychologist will help to determine the child’s inclinations, abilities, readiness to adaptation, the kid’s character.

Those willing to attend ERC Kid’s Centres traditionally exceed the number of entrance openings, so we advise to register your child in advance.