Baby Club

(1-2 years)

High-quality education using the latest technology: don't miss the chance to teach your baby English from the early age

Th English-Russian kindergarten "Ot A do Ya" invites toddlers 1-2 years old to the Baby Club. Classes are organized according to the author's methodology, developed specifically for children of this age category. The only thing you need for a class is parent`s passport, baby's birth certificate, certificate from pediatrician, an analysis for enterobiasis and a medical document on vaccinations.


Why is it important to learn English from an early age?

According to many philologists and psychologists, it is more effective to study a foreign language from early childhood. The main thing is to organize the educational process correctly and to make it interesting for kids. Children aged 1-2 years:

  • interested in various new information;

  • have attention and memory, which are aimed at acquiring new knowledge, abilities and skills;

  • can perceive the language intuitively.

In that early age, the kid can study both native and foreign languages ​. All the activities at this age are aimed especially on teaching languages.


How is the educational process at Baby Club organized?

The program in Baby club was developed by our experienced teachers and methodologists. During classes kids:

  • learn the language by playing active games;

  • move a lot, dance and play;

  • sing the songs with teachers;

  • do the exercises;

  • develop the motor skills;

  • do finger gymnastics and playing finger games;

  • develop speech, logical thinking and memory;

  • learn communication skills and social life;

  • democratic pricing policy.

Being in a bilingual environment, children learn the pronunciation and sound.


Kindergarten benefits

Today our garden is one of the best in St. Petersburg due to its many positive aspects:

  • high level of the educational process;

  • professional development of teachers at courses, seminars, trainings and conferences;

  • application of innovative technologies and methods of teaching a foreign language.

We offer quality education in modern, equipped classrooms. The territory of the kindergarten is guarded. Quality food and medical support are organized in a best way for the kids. By sending your child to Baby club, you can be sure not only in a high level of education, but also in the complete safety of your child.