STEAM Summer

(2-7 years old)



What is STEAM?

STEAM represents the combination of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

The inclusion of adding Art to the STEM core subjects is essential to encouraging preschoolers creative and critical thinking skills.
STEAM activities support curiosity, creativity, and innovative thinking.



By the time preschoolers today enter the workforce, at least 65 % of the jobs don't even exist today. STEAM activities can help prepare your students for an unknown future.

Scientists, mathematicians, engineers and business leaders all need to develop creative thinking, critical thinking and problems solving skills to be successful in creating new and unique solutions related to their field or industry.

Teaching your students how to think creatively and how to solve problems is how you prepare your children for an unknown future.

No matter what unknown technologies, industries or careers lay ahead, creative thinkers and problem solvers will be the future innovators and leaders.



STEAM activities are the combination of two or more subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. By drawing connections between these subjects and using the scientific process or engineer design process your child will learn to question, investigate, analyze, and evaluate. Through this process we can help foster a lifetime love of learning and discovering.

Science is the process of learning about and understanding the natural world. Science activities include exploring water, sand, and other natural materials like rocks and soil.

Technology activities include computers but also can be tools and simple machines that are used to make jobs easier. Simple machines like scissors, gears, wheels, and pulleys are hands on ways to experience technology.

Engineering is the process of building and designing something to solve a problem. Engineering activities regularly happens with playing with blocks. As your child plans and design structures and buildings.

Art is the process of designing creative solutions to a problem. Open ended process art activities allow for new ways to develop self-expression and experiment.

Math is the process of understanding relationships among patterns, numbers, and shapes.



  • English every day
  • Science Projects
  • Art Projects
  • Field Trips
  • Physical Education
  • Wellness Programm