The section “Big Kids” & “Preschool”

The section “Big Kids” &  “Preschool” is for children aged from 5 to 7. At this age the child forms self-esteem, self-awareness, aspiration for versatile communication. There is a growing interest in future school-learning, along with awareness of the need of training activities, the value of education and the future life prospects in this regard. The co-subordination of the activity motives and the commencement of formation of individual motivational sphere takes place here. The development of a new social position.

This is a very important period in the child’s life. At this stage, the transition from playing to training activity takes place.
In close cooperation with the psychologist, the educators and teachers do their best to carefully prepare every child for school, taking into account his/her individual features.
At this age, children are already yielding the first fruit of learning English. If the specialists of ERC “Little Kids” lay the foundation, want the child’s ears to get accustomed to the foreign language, to distinguish it from the native tongue, in the “Big Kids” & “Preschool” section they try to make the child “talk.” The kid studies the alphabet, is preparing to start reading and begins to read simple English texts. Going through all of our steps is very important for the child’s full-value comprehensive development.