Russian programme

In collaboration with the leading specialists of the Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia and with the experts of Institute of Linguistic Studies under Russian Academy of Sciences, we have developed a comprehensive programme of education for preschool-age children. It has been designed in accordance with the Federal state educational standards of preschool education.
The purpose of realisation of the basic educational programme of preschool education at the Private educational institution “Ot A do Ya”: To create an opportunity for every child of the Kid’s Centre to develop his/her abilities, to provide broad interaction with the world, practice in different activities, creative self-realisation.
The programme aims at development of self-reliance, cognitive and communicative activity, social confidence and system of values ​​that determine the child’s behaviour, activities and attitude to the world.

Key subjects:
• Complex developmental classes;
• Development of speech;
• Learning to read and write;
• Formation of mathematical representations.
Basic subjects
• Music;
• Physical training;
• Creative activities;
• The world around us;
• Sessions with psychologist

The purpose of the English-Russian Child Care Centre «From A to Ya»  – is to provide the full and harmonious development of the personality, to form a variety of the child’s abilities, and to ensure full preparation of the child for school.

Our task –  is to reveal the individual abilities of our children, to form a positive attitude toward learning and the desire to go to school.

Intended purpose of the preparatory group lessons
To prepare children for systematic education in school.
To practice the knowledge, skills, concepts and ideas in accordance with the age characteristics of the children.
To provide versatile harmonious development and education of the personality.
Preschool classes are given with special attention. Experienced teachers, including child psychologist, speech therapist, speech pathologists, subject teachers, work with the future first-graders.
For the purpose of the children’s psychological relief the compulsory development system includes classes of physical training. Each class provides «minutes of physical exercises», breathing exercises and exercises of rhythmic speech therapy.
The content of the classes provided for our preparatory group does not duplicate the program of the school first grade, and aims at preparing the child for successful systematic studying at the school by way of, first of all, forming the positive learning motivation and developing the skills of intellectual work, independence, communicative abilities.