IQ Kindergarten

(2-7 лет)

We are opening a new Russian-speaking department in the Residential Complex "Paradny Kvartal" - IQ Kindergarten!

The cost is 39,000 rubles. per month!


Educational program

Giving their child to us, parents can not worry about preparing for school! Our specialists know all the modern requirements for first-graders, and they know how to prepare children for school.


The program includes all the main subjects: mathematics, learning to read, speech development, classes with a psychologist, the world around us, creativity, music and physical education. We pay great attention to the project activities of children. Through various projects, design, robotics, technology - children develop intelligence, critical thinking, become more independent. Children get the experience of productive communication, the ability to hear others and express their attitude to various issues.


And the main idea: we do not teach children, but inspire! That's why our students love to learn!


An individual approach to each child is very important for us. Therefore, each child has an individual development route, followed by our specialists together with their parents. Parents can always consult with a teacher, psychologist, speech therapist and other specialists.


And children can always choose an activity according to their interests. The list of our additional activities is so large that absolutely everyone will find something interesting for themselves in it!


In addition to the curriculum, we have a program of extra activities! These include excursions and concerts of the Children's Philharmonic, concerts of the Mariinsky Theater Piccolo, field lectures from the Leningrad Zoo, outdoor festivals, sports days and participation in All-Russian competitions. And so many interesting extra events. Our pupils know everything about their native city and its museums.



Pupils' health

In our kindergarten, we pay great attention to maintaining the health of our pupils and fostering a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to the wellness program, our pediatrician has compiled a special educational program for pupils. Every month we hold lectures for pupils. "Why you need to brush your teeth twice a day" - learn at the training with the dentist. “Why you can’t eat a lot of sweets”, “how our body works” - our pediatrician will tell you everything!


Competitive advantages

  • Complex development of the child: general education, health and excursion programs, preparation for school, additional classes.

  • Location: premium-class residential complex "Paradny Quarter" within walking distance from the Tavricheskiy Park.

  • Safe educational environment: protected territory of the residential complex, video surveillance in the premises of the kindergarten, an alarm button to call security.

  • Qualified staff: the qualifications, professionalism and many years of experience of our teaching staff allows us to find an individual approach to each child to obtain the necessary knowledge.

  • Modern technologies and teaching aids: the kindergarten is equipped with everything necessary for learning, including interactive equipment.

  • A balanced menu: five meals a day, production control of the catering department was passed and a sanitary and epidemiological conclusion was received.

  • Payment with maternity capital: The kindergarten has a license to carry out educational activities, which is necessary for the use of maternity capital for educational purposes.