What is Academy “Summer Science”?

(2-7 years old)



This is a unique science program in English for young researchers!

Summer Academy “Summer Science” is a special approach to immersion in English.

With the support of the Department of Languages of the University of Granada (Spain), we have developed a summer program, taking into account modern foreign methods of immersion in a foreign language.


Exciting intensive courses in natural science, robotics, astronomy, regional geography, art and other sciences!


Summer Academy includes:

laboratory of amazing sciences “Magic Lab”  

laboratory of amazing sciences
“Magic Lab”


digital projects “Robotics”  

digital projects


field excursions “Visit the Museum

field excursions
“Visit the Museum"


interactive lessons on astronomy “Cosmic Star

interactive lessons on astronomy
“Cosmic Star"


course of regional studies with a native speaker “Travelling abroad

course of regional studies with a native speaker
“Travelling abroad"


creative workshops “Science and Art

creative workshops
“Science and Art"


In addition, we offer you the educational excursions, interesting experiments, culinary workshops, thematic quests, sports events and outdoor picnics!


Your child will go on an exciting journey into the world of knowledge, deepen his knowledge of the English language and spend the summer time with benefit!