Dear parents!
I am pleased to greet you at our website of the English-Russian Kid’s Centre “Ot A do Ya” (ERC).
ERC is not just a chain of English – Russian Kid’s Centres with advanced training in the English language for children of the age under eleven; this is in fact a small country of knowledge, with established traditions, kind and caring attitude to children, high quality of education.
Here, the children learn English from the early age. By the age of seven, our pupils, after passing all training steps, easily become bilinguals, mastering successfully two educational programmes: the Russian and Cambridge syllabi.
After leaving our Kid’s Centre, our graduates enter the most prestigious Russian and foreign schools without problems and have an opportunity to continue learning English at our Cambridge courses.
This enables our pupils to pass their first examination graded by specialists of Cambridge University and get their first international certificate “Starters”, and further – “Movers”.

With the help of our experienced pedagogues – professionals from UK, Australia, America and Russia, children get a worthy, high-quality education in ERC in two languages ​​- English and Russian.

Director Rassalova Elena Leonidovna

How do we work

We work five days a week: Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 20:00.
At the parents’ request, we may organise groups to work on the weekends and holidays.
Our groups:

  • – Nursery-age
  •  Low middle-age
  •  High middle-age
  • Pre-school-age

The classes for children are based on modern programmes based on carefully developed methods appropriate for the child’s age.
Learning English is central in the system of our activities. Our centre follows the English regulations, which makes it possible to enrich and develop the children’s speech to a maximum, and favours the child’s harmonious development. They learn English every day. Native English speakers closely cooperate with Russian-speaking teachers. Starting from the junior preschool age, in the course of systematic, competently selected, interesting classes, children gradually undergo integration in the English-speaking environment.

How we live

We live fun and interesting. We play, learn, organise play-days and excursions. Our game rooms are equipped with comfortable and safe ergonomic furniture, versatile games and toys. Next to our Kid’s Centres (in Primorsky and Central districts), are playgrounds equipped with play structures.
Our teachers and educators are caring and highly qualified. We train the children to the level enabling them to enter the most prestigious schools of the city. We try to do our best for our children to grow up happy, joyous and healthy, so that staying at the Kid’s Centre would be for their benefit.

Video about English-Russian Kid’s Centre “Ot A do Ya” (ERC):