French programme

The learning of several foreign languages by young preschoolers is very important for their outlook development, it stimulates their intellectual development and offers a great advantage to children during entering International or Russian elementary schools.
Why do we learn French?
In our kindergarten children learn French because it is one of the most popular European languages.
In the best schools of St. Petersburg children also study French language.
French is a very beautiful and melodious language, the language of great philosophers, writers and poets.
Learning of French language will be a new stage of the children`s intellectual development, it will help to identify the individual potential of each child, it can help every child to be more self-confident and offers one more reason for kids to be proud of themselves!

How do we learn French?
French language atmosphere during the lessons
Different thematic parts of the lesson which don`t let children be bored or disappointed and helps them to have fun and creates a lot of positive emotions.
A great variety of original French educational materials such as books, CDs with song, posters and flashcards makes lessons fun and interesting for all children.
Children learn how to speak French and receive basic knowledge which will help them a lot in any further studying of French
We work according to the French state preschool educational program and we use the original French books and programs as French teachers in French-speaking countries do.

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