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  • 2017-05-30 в 21:37


    The teachers are encouraging and patient towards the children. The children love to go to kindergarten because it creates positive learning for them. I’m happy that they enjoy their time in kindergarten.

  • 2011-10-28 в 11:13


    I want to share the amazing feeling I had at the time of my first visit of the kindergarten in the ParadnayaKvartal. I and my daughter went there just to see what it looks like (I had seen many good kindergartens before so I could make a comparison). Yet I had a strange feeling… As if Love itself lives there!. Such an atmosphere of kindness and warmth… I immediately thought, how amazing! And how important the feeling is! Kindergartens are for little ones, and us, parents, who take our children there, put them in TRUST and want them to be LOVED and taken care of! So that being at work I wouldn’t think that if my little daughter starts crying there will be nobody to hug her… And here (in the kindergarten) what you keep hearing is such words as ‘sweetie, lambie, how good you are’. – this is how the attendants and teachers address the children. There is nothing special about these words… However, the words contained so much affection and warmth! Even we are not always so gentle towards our children! One feels that the staff was very carefully selected! Now we go to this kindergarten, and it is Ours. Hope this is the way it’ll be. I managed to talk with other parents. They also note the staff work. By this time we have learned all their names. Much gratitude to Elena Sergeevna, Victoria Sergeevna (the high middle-age group) and AlenaTarasovna. And, of course the gratitude extends to the director Elena Leonidovna. I think it was not that easy to find such staff members. It’s common knowledge that what makes a director’s image is the staff the director has. I think your (our) kindergarten will become dear to us, and we’ll grow together. The main thing – do not change! Yes, attitude to children is the main thing! However, before I forget, we are very happy with the study system. One can see right away that you are professionals. All the best!

  • 2011-04-27 в 13:12

    Natalia and all parents of the 2011 kindergarten leavers

    We are extremely thankful to the English Children’s Center Otadoja and its principal Elena Leonidovna. We want to point out strong professionalism of the teachers: Elena Vladimirovna, Marina Alexandrovna, Irina Vitalievna, YekaterinaAlbertovna, Alla Vladimirovna, their thoughtful attitude to our children, care and attention, individual approach to each family, kindness and cordiality. Education is organized with consideration to all even minor details of everyday life in a social, family and collective environment. Children happily go to the kindergarten because this is where they meet their favorite teachers and attendants, who are so easy-going, share their interests and secrets. The atmosphere in groups is always comforting and cordial, it ensures complete understanding and equality. All the teachers applied their best efforts to educate our children so that they become versatile many-sided personalities, active participants of children’s collectives, they taught them to be honest, kind, open-minded and caring. They taught them to be friends and respect each other, create and fantasize, appreciate beauty, love their families and Land. All this is due to their sincere dedication to work and children, enormous desire to share their knowledge with little children, their kind hearts, the Center team work and friendship. Our teachers conducted very interesting classes, tried to involve children into various activities. Kids happily showed us their creations, notebooks, objects made by them and at home went over what they were doing in class. Step-by-step boys and girls cognized the out-world, got to know the joy of friendship, creative work, independent activities, discovered own resources. We thank you for all this. We, parents, are grateful to Marina AlexandrovnaKozhevnikova,for her important and much needed work aiming at speech defect correction and treatment of delayed speech development in our children. In her work she uses different means and forms of special education, individual approach to each child, various tasks and exercises with consideration to children’s abilities. Thanks to her efforts the quality of our children’s speech has significantly improved, their speech became more literate, kids mastered reading and writing and developed love for reading books. Special thanks to Galina Ivanovna, the assistant attendant. She keeps calm at all times, talks reason, is tidy and caring, always ready to listen and help. Thanks to her the group room is always clean, comfortable and cozy, everything is in order. Even the most fussy children are always well fed. We fully trust the teachers as we leave children in their care for a whole day, and it is important for mothers and fathers to know that their children are in reliable hands. We do not worry about children’s life and safety as they are among professionals. We are grateful to YOU and say: THANK YOU. WE WERE LUCKY TO HAVE YOU!

  • 2011-01-20 в 11:11


    We attend all events held in the kindergarten. We like their festivals and the way they are held! My son happily gets up every morning and goes to the kindergarten!

  • 2010-10-02 в 14:10

    Julia and Eva

    Today we attended a master class, my little daughter didn’t want to leave, had a meal and practically fell asleep: the teachers are really pleasant, and so is the director. We’ll attend. Thank you

  • 2010-08-19 в 12:09


    My daughter really loves it, and most importantly the teachers are good

  • 2010-08-08 в 11:08


    The kindergarten principal is the best, thanks a lot to her!

  • 2009-11-16 в 11:07


    I expected adaptation problems because before going to the kindergarten the child was not deprived of attention to say the least. For a week he attended part-time, and in the second month spent full days in the middle group with no tears.

  • 2009-11-03 в 11:06


    Everything is very good! We are very happy! We attend full time for a year! And no tears – which is most important!

  • 2009-11-02 в 11:05


    The kindergarten is good, it took us a long time to find it. It is warm (but not hot), rooms are cozy, clean everywhere, the rooms are regularly aired. Daughter didn’t want to leave, and classes were very interesting! We are happy that at last we found what we like! Thank you!

  • 2009-11-01 в 12:55

    Тatiana and Misha

    It is our second year in the full-time group – much satisfied! The teacher is very attentive to children, my son is learning a lot of new things! The teacher is telling us everything about the little ones: what happened during the day, what was new and interesting, speaks highly of him and and gives us an advice as to what we should pay attention to.