System of classes

Our basic educational program entitled “The Primary Educational Program of Preschool Education Prioritizing the Principles of Bilingual Child Development” is based on the Exemplary Basic Educational Program of Preschool Education approved by the Federal Association of Educators and Methodologists and meets the latest requirements of the federal standard for education.
The educational program of preschool education implemented by the Ot A do Ya private educational institution aims to:
Create possibilities for every child in a kindergarten to evolve their powers of mind, extensively interact with the surrounding world, practice various activities, and unlock their creativity.
The program focuses on developing life skills, the cognitive and communicative activity, and social confidence as well as the key value system determining a child’s behavior, activity, and attitude to the world.
Our kindergarten prioritizes English classes that allow a child to plunge into the English-speaking environment as the teaching process is in both Russian and English. The English language is integrated into the five educational areas. Of particular importance is the creation of an enabling educational environment represented by a system offering all the necessary conditions for children to socialize and construct identity, as well as become part of the English-speaking community via games, songs, dances, and theme weeks in the English language allowing them to get acquainted with English culture. Children’s speech is developed via a themed vocabulary system using both Russian and English. The world around us, as part of the cognitive development educational area, is taught in two languages introducing special vocabulary (relating to the world around us and science areas). Artistic and aesthetic development includes art & craft and music activities. In addition to direct educational activities, our students have access to our Creative Laboratory filled with a variety of tools and natural materials, allowing the children to develop an aesthetic taste, imagination, fine motor skills, and creative thinking. The teacher uses both Russian and English to accompany and guide the children in their graphic and design activities. Also, the children are taught both Russian and English songs.
We pay as much attention to the physical education of our students. We hold three educational activities, one of which is in English and outdoors, on a weekly basis.
The socio-communicative area provides a variety of games (outdoor games, story and role games, educational games, etc.) held by educators and teachers throughout the day. We pay special attention to the psychological support of our students and their parents. We employ experienced psychologists. Close cooperation among the educators, teachers, and parents helps create an environment that enables the child to fully develop, successfully adapt to the social conditions, and self-actualize.

Основная образовательная программа дошкольного образования с приоритетным осуществлением билингвистических принципов развития ребенка, реализуемая в ЧОУ «Дошкольного и дополнительного образования детей «От А до Я» (скачать презентацию):