Age Group — «Babies (1-2 year-old)»

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English Baby Club is a place where your baby can get complete preparation for our kindergarten and to make their first steps towards leaning English.
Baby Club is ‘complete immersion’ classes suitable for the age group. They last one and half hours and are held twice a week.
We have created a special session timetable. Each lesson consists of several short 15 minute blocks filled with various activities which follow a carefully designed schedule that is based on the age peculiarities. The core principle here is «learning through playing».



Phonemic awareness development.
Learning songs, fingerplays, reading books.
Creative work.
Kids quickly remember colours, names of different objects, learn how to count.
This is a very important stage in learning English.


Children listen to music, learn to dance and to play musical instruments.

Tea time

We learn to wash our hands before the meal, to sit at the table elegantly, to drink beverages carefully. During this time parents can share their impressions and discuss matters that concern them.

Game session


We use Montessori system in our programme. We also play lots of games with small objects such as sand, grains, cereal, pasta and beans.

Complex development session


Children study elementary mathematics, oral speech, and explore the outside world.



Each group consists of six children plus their carers (compulsory).  This is the optimal size for this age group.
It is very important for parents and carers of the children to understand how to work with the rules of the sessions. Children definitely feel much more confident and relaxed with their  parents. So they should help the teacher to conduct the session dynamically and effectively for the benefit of all of the children in the class by helping their child concentrate on the particular activity in hand.


All our teachers have higher pedagogical education and are well experienced in practical work.  They can organise kids and keep their attention.
By the end of school year kids get used to their teachers, group mates, as well as they adapt to the kindergarten, its routines, and, of course, to English sounds.

+7-901-971-22-33 +7-901-971-22-33